Department of zoology, School of Biology, Faculty of science A.U.Th.

The Program

1. 6.-23. 6.   Intensive Programme: Monitoring and Evaluation of the Quality of Running Waters in Europe (Elbe River)  
2.6.-4.6.   Pentacost/White Sunday – excursion
5.-7. 6 hole days Systematics of Invertebrates (Running Waters I)
(Thorsten Aßmann, + 3 days in may)
    B) Göhrde part 11. 6.-21. 6.  
11. 6.   Preliminary lectures, Göhrde castle and study area
12.-19.6.   Each morning one lecture, rest of the day Fieldcourses  
    Fieldcourse theme A (Running Waters II):
abiotic conditions of live, geology, climate, landscape, water chemistry chairpersons Georges Dussart & Daniele Bedulli
    Fieldcourse theme B (Running Waters III):
bioindicators, bioassessment, bioassay, trophy , saproby
chairpersons Maria Lazaridou Dimitriadou & Jacques Daguzan
    Fieldcourse theme C (Running Waters IV):
plants and vertebrates in response to economy, trafic, agriculture       and forestry influences, fishery, tourism, European biodiversity           and nature conservation
chairperson Carsten Hobohm
12. 6. 9.00-10.00h Lecture 1          Group 1            Group 2              Group 3  
13. 6. 9.00-10.00h  Lecture 2      Fieldcourse      Fieldcourse      Fieldcourse  
                             theme  A          theme B          theme C
  19.30-21.00 Lecture 3          Eleftheria Kampa about water directive
14. 6. 9.00-10.00h Lecture 4          Group 2             Group 3              Group 1
15. 6. 9.00-10.00h Lecture 5       Fieldcourse      Fieldcourse      Fieldcourse
                             theme  A          theme B           theme C
  19.30 h (staff only): CDI-board meeting (open end), planning of Innsbruck
16. 6.   Sightseeing in Lüneburg, magnificant meal in Göhrde (20.00 h) and dancing on the floor
17. 6.   sunday is free, excursion to NSG Breeser Grund (heath land with old oaks) or you can go to church)
  20. 00 h Lecture in the evening (optional: slight-show with music about Water and Live; Carsten Hobohm)
18. 6. 9.00-10.00h Lecture 6              Group 3              Group 1            Group 2  
19. 6. 9.00-10.00h Lecture 7          Fieldcourse      Fieldcourse      Fieldcourse
                                 theme  A           theme B           theme C
    Morning lectures (60 minutes, 45 minutes lecture, 15 minutes discussion):
    1.Maria Lazaridou Dimitriadou (Greece): European Biotic indices
    2. Georges Dussard (UK): Impact of human activities on running waters.
    4. Jacques Daguzan (France): Impact of road pollution on running waters in Brittany (France).
    5. Ibon Cancio (Spain): Early warning biomarkers of pollution
in biomonitoring  programmes. Their ecotoxicological significance.
    6. Celia Joaquim-Justo (Belgium): Plankton in large rivers: ecological and ecotoxicological importance.
    7. Alain Canard (France): Methods to evaluate biodiversity.
    Responsible for fieldcourses:
    A        Georges Dussart (UK, june 11th-17th), Angela Gallego Sala (UK, june 15th-21th), Daniele Bedulli (I, june 15th-21st), Dai Roberts (UK, june 15th-21th), Ola Magntorn (S june 15th-21th)
    B         Ibon Cancio (E, june 11th – 18th), Maria Lazaridou Dimitriadou (GR,june 12th-14th/17th-21th), Celia Joaqium-Justo (B, june 11th-19th),Jacques Daguzan (F, june 11th-21st), Martin Backor (SK), Kurt Prackwieser (A, june16th-21th)
    C          Josef Weber (A, june 11th-17th), Carsten Hobohm (D, hole time), Alain Canard (F, june 17th-21st)
20. 6.   Examination and assessment (Running Waters V)  
21. 6.   Departure



George P. Chatzinikolaou
German Cordinator:
Bettina Motschman
 Greek Cordinator:
Maria Lazaridou-Dimitriadou